If you are consistently integrated with the traffic jam, flyers can order a fly bike like a spoon. This ride has been designed by Jet Pack Company and the motorcycle named 'The Spider' can be named as the world's first-flight motorcycle.

The speed of the slider is equal to $ 3 million, ie, five million rupees. This flight is straightforward, for which Stabilizer and GeoService technology have been used. This motorcycle goes to the jet turbine engine and stays at a maximum of 150 miles per hour. The spider can be continuous on the height of 15,000 ft for 20 minutes continuously.

It can be called a vertical tech off and landing (VTOL) ride which does not require a tech off for flight. Now Jet Pack Company has started taking the order of this important ride. The given spider for flight uses kerosene, jet-A and diesel fuel.

The Company that has made it continuously spent many years with different tests, which has now installed four turbulent engines. The entire vehicle is 105 kilograms while taking 109 kilograms of pilots, it can fly. The entire ride is controlled by hands. A 12-inch touch screen is installed for Navigation. Currently, two versions have been used. There is a military purpose and is the second common ride.

However, for the fleeting motorcycle of both types, you will need a license at least the US.

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