Alfa app PROMO code (July 2020) : Alfa promo code new 2020

How to make ALFA account and get Rs/-200 to 1500 free: Alfa app new Promo code 2020

Do you want to get free 250 to 1400 rupees on your mobile phone?
Today I am with the latest Promo Code Where from you Can Get 1400 Rupees only For Shopping.

What is the ALFA Promo code?

Use Alfa New Promo Code "ALFA" Get Rs.100* PKR Imidettily in your Alfa Account. Use anywhere this Balance Pay Bills, Do Easyload on any Network and Enjoy.

Alfa Account

Alfa Mobile Top-up Offer or Promo Code

Alfa account per bilkul free register hon or rigester hote waqt alfa ka promo codce "Alfa" istimal kren or hasil kren Rs.100* bilkul free.

Alfa Promo Codes Latest

Alfalah is a Pakistani bank and now He has been able to open an account on mobile or computer sitting at home.
You can make your ALFA account at your home on mobile or PC free of cost.
1st Fortunately that now ALFA bank give us Rs/-200 free for 1st-time use or after 2-3 days 500 will be added in Your Alfa Account only For Topup.

You can do an easy load or use this money anywhere.
If You Want to Shopping You can get 1400 Rupees Free.

“ALFA app new voucher code”

2nd, fortunately, is that ALFA bank gives you a bonus of 100 rupees by inviting or signing up 2nd invited person.
Now I will guide you how can you do this or
How to install the ALFA app in android mobile.

Alfa App New Promo Codes List 

Here is a complete list of all Alfa app Promo codes with complete details.
You can Get Free Mobile Balance and Free Money while creating an ALfa Account with below-given promo codes.

Here is Complete List of Alfa Promo Code 2020

UpdatePromo CodeDetails
07-June-20 QR300 Get Free Rs.600 Top-up
07-June-20ALFAGet Free Rs.200 by using this
 promo code
01-June-20ZONG✘ Expired
01-June-20TELENOR✘ Expired
07-June-20WASIMGet Free Rs.100 By Using
This Promo Code
03-June-20SHOIBGet Free Rs.100 By Using
This Promo Code
07-June-20AJMALGet Free Rs.100 By Using
This Promo Code
07-June-20MARINAGet Free Rs.100 By Using
This Promo Code
19-June-20ALIGet Free Rs.100 By Using
This Promo Code
01-June-20UFONE✘ Expired

How to Open Alfa Wallet

If you are a new User of Alfa then here are a few steps where you can open or create your alfa account successfully.
  • To open the Alfa Wallet, Download and Install Alfa app from Here
  • Open The App
  • Click on Register Now button
  • Now Click to new Bank Alfalah
If you want to add Voucher code in Alfa App then Give Alfa Voucher Code Here.
  • Download and Install Alfa APP
  • Open and Create Account
  • While Creating Account it will ask you "Alfa Promo Code"
  • Write the "ALFA" and Submit.
  • From the ALfa Voucher code, you will get Rs. 200* PKR Free

Step 1: Download or install the app from the play store

Step 2: Open the app and Click on Signup now

Step 3: Select Registration Mode "New to Bank Alfalah" 

Step 4: New Year Offer: Now Give the Voucher Code "ALFADAY" and Click on 'Apply' at signing up.

ALFA APP Promo Code April 2020

Download the alfa app and Create an Account. Get Free Rs.100 Free by Giving Promo Code "WIN100".
While signing up alfa will require promo code write here this promo code and get free Rs.100 Which can use in anything or anywhere.

Alfa App 2020 promo code for Ufone users:

Alfa is Giving to all Ufone users a free Ufone super card. You can get this free super card by Using the "Ufone" voucher Code.

Step 5: Now Fill The Forum

▪ Give Your CNIC Number
▪ Date of Your CNIC Issuance Date (What date does your card become?)
▪ Enter Your Mobile Number which is Registered on Your own name.
▪ Now Mark all Three Boxes.

Step 6: Which Code you received to fill in the 1st box.

▪ Create Your four Digit Login Pin in the 2nd box and 3rd box as shown in the picture.
▪ Create your Login Password on the last two boxes.

Step 7: Enter Your Mother or Father Name and Your City Name of Birth.

Now Click on Proceed.

Step 8: Upload Your CNIC Front and Back Pics.
alfa promo code 2020

alfa 2020 offer

You are Done.
Close the app and Reopen it.
Enter 4 Digit Pin which you were set and Now You Have Successfully Created Your Alfa Bank or 250 Rupees.
I hope You will Understand This Topic.
Here are Some Alfa app Voucher codes with Expiry Date Below.

Alfa App March Promo Code 2020

Use Promo Code "ALFA" on signup and Get Free 100* Rupees.
This offer is only for new customers.

▪ Get 200 Rupees Cash or 500 Rupees Free Topup From This Method.

alfa 2020 promo code for Zong

Sign up today to Alfa Account By using this promo code "ZONG" and get Free Super card.

Alfa app Promo Code for Telenor Users

You can get free Rs. 600 Rupees by Making a Free alfa account from your mobile phone.
This offer can be removed anytime the Alfa app Is Giving a Special offer for their Users. You can Earn Rs. 100 by Inviting your friend. When you will invite your Friend, Your Friend will Sign up from your invited link then Alfa Will Give You "100" Rupees and your friend will receive "200" Rupees in His/her account. We hope that this promo code will work for you.

ALfa Promo Code 2020

Alfa is a Pakistani Bank and it always offers to its customer's new offers and New Users to get free unlimited Balance or Real Money. Here we Update every time New Promo Codes.
We Hope That These all Codes will be work for you.
Don't forget to subscribe to us.
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